Wrapping Up a Great Experience at BC LAB

Sarah’s case is just about wrapped up.  I had my last meeting with her the other day, which consisted of post-entitlement counseling to ensure accurate understanding of her benefits.  At the end of our meeting, I explained to Sarah that my time at BC LAB has come to an end.  Sarah joked that I’m cutting her loose, but it certainly does feel that way.  It is strange to spend many hours together in a few short weeks, develop a unique relationship, discuss intimate parts of life and then part ways.  I can do so confidently though because we achieved a positive result for Sarah.  And I’m happy to know that LAB will always be there for her should she need additional assistance.

I came to my position at BC LAB expecting only to sharpen my research and writing skills, but have come away with much more.  If you’ve followed me from the beginning, you’ve heard about the language and interview skills I’ve learned from Lynn and about my discovery of the process of preparing a case, and a client, for a hearing from Ana.  You’ve read about my evolving questions, considerations and discoveries as I worked my way through client meetings.  You’ve read about Sarah.  You’ve also read about my initial interactions with all of LAB staff, and how supportive and respectful they are to students and clients alike.

BC LAB Blog would not have been possible without the help of all LAB attorneys and supervisors, and especially without the help of Alexis Anderson, the summer Director of LAB.  As I mentioned in a previous post, a blog including client stories has not yet been done by a law school clinic.  (At least, not one that we could find.)  Exploring new areas with ethical considerations can be risky business in the legal arena.  Alexis could easily have quashed this idea from the get-go, but instead, she got behind it.  She got behind me and rallied for the blog’s success.  It required many hours of research and discussion to settle on a method we deemed to be the right way to pursue the blog, and we made it happen.  Thank you, Alexis.

I’ve certainly enjoyed reflecting on my work throughout the summer and incorporating these reflections into BC LAB blog.   It has enhanced my learning experience and hopefully provided some insight into what it’s like for a law student to enter the legal world.  It is important to track our growth, to document our experiences from start to finish.

I hope that another budding attorney has read my blog and felt a sense of comfort by knowing that someone else in the same boat experienced similar sentiments.  I hope that a seasoned attorney read an entry or two and was brought back to how he or she felt and thought as a young attorney.  I hope it bridged a gap by resonating with green and experienced alike.  Most of all, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my time at BC LAB as much as I enjoyed being there.


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